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Work, Invest and Retire in Mauritius

Don’t waste money on an expensive management company. This affordable book takes you step-by-step through retiring, moving a business, working, investing, and living in Mauritius so you can do it yourself.

Why would you move to the beautiful island nation of Mauritius?

It’s not just for the scenery. 
This unique location caters to ex-pats in every – from stability and tax policies to healthy lifestyle and cost of living. 
Work, Invest and Retire in Mauritius walks you through many attractive advantages before we get into the how-tos. 


Mauritius’ free trade market and favorable tax policies create the perfect environment for business relocation. They’re financially stable with lax exchange control and plenty of skilled labor.


One of the primary concerns of ex-pats is the political and social conditions. Mauritius is stable, hospitable, rich in culture, affordable, and boasts a healthy outdoor lifestyle. 


This subtropical island sits about 1,100 km east of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. It’s surrounded by smaller islands, offering a beautiful, strategically placed experience. 

Nothing like this is available anywhere else.

You’re welcome to search, but you won’t find an exhaustive guide to Mauritius relocation anywhere else.
It was written by me, Steven, with the help of local professionals here on the island. 
I’m a guide or consultant specializing in starting businesses in foreign countries, and I spent five years living and working in Mauritius. 
  • • Permits and visas
  • • Citizenship and residency
  • • Locating and buying property
  • • Investing
  • • Working and wages

  • • Retiring
  • • Associated costs
  • • Language
  • • Common ex-patriot locations
  • • Children and pets

The Planning Phase

Getting ready to go is as important as the move itself. You’ll need to prepare your visas and permits, have a location prepared, hire workers – if relocating a business, and many other steps. Don’t worry; you can still DIY. Relocation to Mauritius will show you how.

What’s the budget?

Of course, the first question is, “Is this feasible?” Because a move like this requires some funds, right? It’s more affordable than you might think. We’ll walk through the associated costs and discuss a ballpark for what you might need to accomplish.

Island Living

Once you’re there and established, then comes the fun part. Mauritius has a rich, inviting culture to share with you. They welcome your entire family – even your pets – to share in the joy, mental and physical wellness, and longevity of subtropical island living. 

Even if you haven’t decided, Work, Invest and Retire in Mauritius will show you just how easy and beneficial it can be.

It can be hard to make a big change like this. This easy-read, comprehensive ebook will help you decide and plan what could be the best move of your life. 

What’s more, I invite you to contact me for help if you don’t find answers to all your questions in the book. You can find my contact information inside. 

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